• Natalie Young

A 2020 Update on Zesty Creatives

Updated: Oct 9, 2020


Hello! It's been awhile, I know. As we all know, this year has been quite crazy!

I decided to move my site over from WordPress to Wix, so my website now has a completely different look (and I LOVE it!)! I think WordPress is wonderful but I really did not have the time to put into it, I am not proficient with web developing and Wix made it incredibly easy to build it the way it is now. I hope you like the new design!

Y’all I’m gonna be real - I have really been beating myself up about not working on art. I’ve been trying to draw and get frustrated so quickly. I’ve been looking to other artists videos and pages for advice on how to overcome this. I feel that I’m too focused on my image and less on my skill, and at the end of the day, I am stopping myself from progressing and improving my art. I also think a big problem for me is I KNOW the fundamentals of art like the back of my hand, but I have not applied those fundamentals or practiced them enough to truly understand the way they work.


After searching for answers, there has been one that stands out to me at the stage I'm in. That is to sketch loosely and sketch non-complex things. Sketch from life, sketch from reference. Draw rocks, trees, basic shapes that we see everyday. An artist on YouTube named Walid Feghali suggested getting a cheap sketchbook and doing this for 30 days straight. Draw with no expectations and with no intent of making it look like a product of Pixar or Dreamworks. I am going to attempt this challenge and see how it impacts my view of my art process and hopefully I will overcome this hurdle that I have been stuck behind since before I even started this blog 2 years ago. I have also seen many professionals suggesting drawing over other artist's work to see how they portray anatomy, perspective, color, etc. I would like to make that a step 2 to come after these simple studies. I've been worried about my lack of posting and comparing myself to others when I should have been working on becoming a better artist.


Steve Ahn once told me "I have more bad drawings than you have drawings. You're going to make bad art. That is part of the process."

Here's to moving forward and doing my best to go up from here!

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your support! <3