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Updated: Oct 9, 2020

You may have heard of a more recent art challenge flooding social media called #DrawThisInYourStyle. Though this phenomenon started taking place a little over a year ago, the challenge still thrives and could become something as solid as Inktober (a popular annual challenge created in 2009 by Jake Parker). The above left is @vittysartbox’s original piece and my version is on the right.

I absolutely love these challenges for a few reasons:

1. Drawing someone else’s art in your own style isn’t just fun, it’s genuinely a challenge and gives you a chance to grow!

2. Art block is REAL. I wrote about some ways to become inspired and overcome not knowing what to draw, but when I feel uninspired even by that, the draw this in your style challenge has been a great way to at least exercise my art practices.

3. There’s absolutely no pressure. It doesn’t feel like an art competition where yours HAS to be the best to win a prize, normally its just a friendly competition that artists of all skill levels participate in.

4. It’s a great way to connect with the artist community! I’ve found some wonderful artists that I follow now due to this challenge. Its also a good way to gain feedback on ways to improve and you learn what people like about your style.

Overall, the #DrawThisInYourStyle trend has created a great learning experience for myself and I believe many other artists as well! I’m still constantly developing my style and taking inspiration from other artists. Thinking of how to recreate another piece of art has helped me determine what I like and don’t like about particular styles.

As Baylee Jae puts it, “you’re essentially making fanart of another artist’s work.” She put out an awesome video last year of drawing people’s characters in her style:

Here’s another that Drawing Wiff Waffles created in May:

I find it inspiring to watch how others take a beautiful piece of artwork and turn it into their own masterpiece. Many also do the challenge as a milestone for their accounts, such as hitting 20k, 100k, or even just 2k!

Obviously, it is important to give the original artist credit and this means you would not be able to sell your recreation of another’s character (“fanart”) without their permission.

Here are some challenge examples below:

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