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Overcoming the Feeling of Being Overwhelmed

Updated: Oct 9, 2020


These past couple of weeks I’ve been struggling to find a work/life balance and it I feel I have been avoiding my goals for the month. After reaching out to a few blog groups, a couple friends, and my boyfriend, a big piece of advice I received is just take a step back. I’ve been told this before, but this week I paused and really reflected on my goals and the things I’m striving to accomplish this month. I realize I have this habit of saving all my work for one evening (no escape from procrastination) and end up getting so overwhelmed that when I sit down to work on something, I end up shutting off the creative part of my brain and resort to Youtube or Netflix or reading MORE articles on “ways to improve my blog.”

So, this week I’m trying something a little different and doing my best to cut the work up into daily chunks of working time. I haven’t touched a sketchbook in days for the fear of my art not turning out the way I want, making it difficult to create content for Zesty Creatives. Riley (my boyfriend), advised that I switch up my style and my workspace and attempt to create something I normally wouldn’t and maybe spend some time practicing anatomy or clothing folds. Sometimes I focus too much on the finished product and forget that the process is what makes the product.


Today, I treated myself by going to the gym. You may be asking yourself; you call that a treat? My answer is, yes! I haven’t been in about a month and love the mood and energy boost I get from a quick cardio workout. Not only that, but maybe I’ll fall asleep before 2am tonight. I’ve always had an interest in health and fitness, but I’ve had trouble falling into a routine with working out and what not. My goal is to get onto a good, consistent workout routine alongside this new blogging routine.

I worked on some timed gesture drawings this evening and took a minute for each pose using Sketch Daily just to loosen up a bit. Gesture drawings are an imperative foundation to art. They not only give you insight into how anatomy and structure of the human body work but allow you to understand how to draw dynamic movement. I will write more about this in a future post!


I took some time last night and made a piece of art that I’m not entirely happy with, but spending that time creatively made me feel satisfied. I took some colors from a saved color palette I have on my Pinterest board and attempted to make something entirely based on the colors. I really don’t want to share it since I’m not proud of the way it came out, but I think it’s important for others to understand that not every drawing, sketch, painting, whatever it is going to end up perfect.

This week (and month) have been an uphill mountain for me personally in terms of my productivity and goals I want to accomplish, but after conducting this experiment for my routine I feel like I’m taking a step in the right direction. If you’re also feeling overwhelmed and don’t really know where to start, I suggest letting go of the idea of “this has to come out perfect for x, y, or z” and change that into “I want to create something this way, but if it turns out differently, I’ll try it again and next time focus on the things I feel like didn’t work out as well previously.”

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