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Zesty Inktober 2019

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Day 7 – “Enchanted”

Hello friends!

I return from my short hiatus refreshed and ready to BUILD THIS BLOG.

September/October has been busier than I originally anticipated. I ended up getting a social media gig and invested a good amount of time into it. However, I realized that if I spent as much time on Zesty Creatives as I did on that gig, I could turn it into something really special and successful.

So here I am! Back and ready to go!

This post, of course, is about Inktober and my participation in this year’s prompt list.

I ended up doing roughly half of the days on the list. The last time I attempted Inktober in 2017, I got about halfway through and wound up getting tendonitis in BOTH of my arms, ending my Inktober journey. I feel like this October was a kind of “warm-up” for the upcoming months. My motivation is back and stronger than ever. I’ve been working on some things behind the scenes and can’t wait to share them with you!

Inktober Results:

I discovered I need to work on my line weights and overall line cleanliness. Pens are not my strong suit, but this one I painted with ink I ended up really liking!

Day 27 – “Coat”

I messed around with a couple styles throughout the month. Here, I attempted a sort of blocky sihouette style:

Day 15 – “Legend”

A simple, cute style:

Day 22 – “Ghost”

And some of my normal character style:

Day 10 – “Pattern”

It felt nice to work on some lines instead of focusing on one full finished piece. I talk more in my last post about overcoming the struggles of having expectations for myself that are too high. Putting more of the focus on myself and less on what others are looking for has greatly improved the way I feel when I initially sit down and start drawing. To be completely honest, this month has been one of the few times where I’ve CRAVED drawing and it hasn’t felt like a chore to do so. The reason I skipped half of the prompts was to save myself from that same mindset. I understand that the only way to get better at illustration is to illustrate, but I think the most important thing is getting myself on the right track mentally before I start pushing me to my drawing limits.

As Zesty progresses, so will my talent and the way I am able to handle myself and figure out the way I specifically work. I appreciate all of you following on this journey!

Did you participate in Inktober this year? Let me know in the comments below and leave your Instagram handle so I can check out your art!

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